• Maintenance

    All maintenance issues should be reported to management, particularly those where leaks/water is involved.

  • Keep accesses clear

    The area outside your front door and passage ways need to be kept clear at all times, as it is considered a means of escape in the event of a fire.

  • Ventilation

    You are required to open curtains and windows on a daily basis, to help prevent the build-up of condensation and dampness. Open windows should be kept secured in place, as gusts of wind have been known to blow out entire windows when left loose – this causes a lot of damage and presents safety risks for nearby people.

  • Mail

    Mail needs to be cleared regularly. Mail received for ex-tenants should be marked “RTS” (Return to Sender) and placed back in a Post Office mail box.

  • Lights

    Quality, branded bulbs should be used in all light fittings. The #1 cause of lighting issues arises from using cheap, low quality bulbs.

  • Power out

    If you find some of your lights or power points are not working, check the switch board for any fuses which are off, and can be switched back on. A faulty or wet appliance, or excess load on a circuit can result in the fuse switching off.

  • Electric oven

    The #1 cause of ovens not working is that they are set to “automatic” mode. The dial needs to be turned until you see a “hand” in the window.

  • Periodic tenancy

    If you have a periodic tenancy you need to provide advance notice of your intention to vacate. This can be done by text message or email.

  • Fixed term tenancy

    If you have a fixed term tenancy you can not end the tenancy by “giving notice”. The tenancy will end on the date specified in the tenancy agreement. We consider requests to sub-let tenancies on a case by case basis depending on the circumstances. In any event, it will be your responsibility to find suitable replacement tenants to take over the remainder of the lease period. This can be by people you know, or through advertising say on TradeMe. All applicants will need to fully complete and sign a tenancy agreement (1 per person) and return to us with a copy of photo-ID. We expect replacement tenants to have a proven positive renting history and to be able to demonstrate that they are capable of paying the rent. We reserve the right to decline any application without providing justification.